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My awful & awesome experience with iPod video converter

What would you do if you find yourself wasted 60 dollars for an iPod video converter of no use and support service of no help at all? You got to fight for it. In my case, I’ve went through a long journey of terrible struggles to try to get things right, but failed at the end, regardless of all the personal efforts I’ve spent. Yes, I got the money back, but not until 30 days latter. Awful!

The experience with the iPod video converter is too bad to be recalled. I don’t want to name the company or its useless product any more. The garbage program wasted me 60 dollars and their helpless support staff wasted me two weeks without address any specific problem as requested, even though my question was rather simple: why was moving picture in the converted H.264 video was out of sync with audio track? Two weeks, five rounds of correspondences via emails, all of no help, leaving me in great dismal, until I found Aura Video Converter in with the editor’s recommendation and review.

The first installation was the free version, complete free as stated. Good results. Then I follow the upgrade suggestion to install and use the pro version, which has dedicated output profiles for iPod, iPhone and many other media players.

I run into some problems, too. But they were minor ones, and the responsive technical supports from Aura4You help me fix the problems within hours. That’s awesome! Woo me! I would not have to go through that disappointing experience if I have found Aura4You earlier.

Don’t waste your time and money in crappy iPod video converter. Find the really first class one and keep to it. And happy enjoying iPod videos on the go.

Kelly Robinson

Florida, United States

February 1, 2010

Aura Video Converter supports more than 30 types of input video formats, MPG, AVI, RMVB, VOB, M4V, etc. All popular video formats are added to the output profiles for your selection. And you can custom lots of parameters, too.

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