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Aura4You freeware is offered to everybody for use at no cost. You don’t even have to register to use our freeware. Just go ahead to download and use them.

Freeware without license, freeware for Windows and freeware for Vista

Aura4You freeware does not require license or registration. Just download them to your desktop and install to use them. Note that Aura4You freeware is only compatible with Windows platforms. You can use our freeware in computers with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Aura4You freeware list: video freewae, FLV freeware, music freeware…

Video Converter Freeware

YouTube Downloader Freeware

Video to Audio Converter Freeware

Flash Video Player Freeware

Video Converter freeware screenshot
YouTube Downloader freeware software screenshot
Aura Video to Audio Converter freeware software screenshot
FLV freeware
  • Convert video formats
  • Convert videos to audios
  • Download YouTube videos
  • Download YouTube videos
  • Download MetaCafe videos
  • Download Nico videos
  • Download Google videos
  • Convert videos to MP3
  • Convert videos to WMA
  • Convert videos to AAC
  • Convert videos to WAV
  • Play FLV videos
  • Play YouTube videos
  • Convert videos FLV format
OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
License Type: Freeware
License Type: Freeware
License Type: Freeware
License Type: Freeware *
Download video converter freeware
Download YouTube downloader freeware shareware
Download video to audio converter shareware software
Download FLV shareware

* Note: Enven though the Aura FLV Player requires a license to activate professional functions like publishing videos to websites, you can use it as a free FLV player.

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In Aura4You, we only build cool programs like these freeware. We write the codes professionally, and we design the interface fashionably and friendly.

We are full of confident that Aura4You freeware are the best freeware of its kind in the shareware industry.

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Freeware, shareware and free software

Freeware is computer software that is available for use at no cost or for an optional fee. Freeware can be proprietary software available at no cost

Freeware may or may not be free software or open source software and, in order to distinguish, the Free Software Foundation asks to avoid calling "freeware" the free software.

The principal difference being that free software can be used, studied, and modified without restriction; free software embodies the concept of "free speech" while freeware that of "free beer".

Freeware is also different from shareware; the latter obliges the user to pay after some trial period or to gain additional functionality.

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