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Should I use Normal or Enhanced method to copy DVD?

DVD protection technology is evolving. Now the movie industry is using bad sectors, fake main movie and bad DVD structure to prevent users from copying DVDs. Transformers 2, Star Treck XI and Disney’s UP are some of the latest examples.

Bad sectors and other similar schemes can cause failure of DVD copying. To help you bypass these hurdles, Aura DVD Copy software has introduced the Enhanced copy method, in additional to the Normal copy method.

What's the difference between Enhanced and Normal methods?


For copying encrypted DVDs with bad sectors and other up-to-date technologies. This method requires longer time to decrypt DVD protections and copy DVD.


For copying unprotected and CSS-encrypted DVDs. This is the default setting. If the program finds bad sectors or fake main movie, it will prompt you to change the copy method to "Enhanced".

If you try to copy some DVDs, which you’re not sure if they contain bad sectors, and the program does not show any message but crashes or just fails to complete the copy, you should also try to change the copy method to "Enhanced".

How to change the copy method setting?

On the main window of Aura DVD Copy, click on the menu "Settings", click the menu item "Options" , and then choose the copy method you want.

Choose copy method

Important Notes

1. You should change the setting before loading DVD to the program.

2. When copy method is set to "Enhanced", if the "Track Nums" option is set to 5~7, it will take less scan times to decrypt a DVD; if "Track Nums" option is set to 8~10, it will require longer time to decrypt a DVD.

3. When “Enhanced” copy method is used, your computer may seem to be stuck during the copying process due to the bad sectors in some titles. Please allow a few minutes for the program to work through those bad sectors.

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