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How to edit RM

This article will guide you through the steps of editing RM videos. The tool you will need is Aura Video Editor, which enables you to edit any video formats with photos, music, transitions and effects to MP4, WMV, MKV, FLV, 3GP, etc. for iPod, iPhone, PSP, iPad, Zune, mobile phones and more.

The tutorial of How to edit RM will teach you how to add RM videos, images and music, then apply transitions and effects to RM, trim it, add watermarks and subtitles, overlay videos and at last save it to various video formats or even DVD and Blu-ray disc.

Now download Aura Video Editor to edit RM files!

Download the RM software

Download Free Trial of Aura Video Editor

Download the RM software

The RM program

Key Features of Aura Video Editor

  • Supports editing RM and other common video formats, audio formats and images
  • Supports trimming RM and other videos
  • Unique Timeline & Storybox panels
  • Provides transition & video effects
  • Overlay video & mix audio
  • Add watermarks & subtitles
  • Save movie for various devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Zune, etc.
  • Burn to DVD and Blu-ray disc
  • More features...

The RM software screenshot

How to edit RM

Editing requirements

  • RM video files; audio and images(optional)
  • A computer runs Windows system(incl. Windows 7)
  • Editing tool: Aura Video Editor

Download Aura Video Editor to edit RM Download Aura Video Editor to edit RM

Three steps to edit RM

Step 1. Add RM video files

To begin with, start Aura Video Editor to do the RM editing work. Click on Import button to add RM videos to the main panel. If you'd like to add images and audio files along with the RM, so then you can edit RM with those, click Import to add, too. Or you can directly drag&drop them to the main panel.

Then you can drag and drop the RM videos, images and audio files to the editing panel. Before you drop the first RM video file to the video editing area, the RM editor will prompt a box and give you the chance to add the chapter name to your RM editing file and choose the aspect ratio between 4:3 and 16:9.

You can choose from two editing modes: Storybox- and Timeline-mode.

Add RM video files to Aura Video Editor

Step 2. Apply transitions and effects to edit RM

Now we go to the step of applying transitions and effects. Click seperately on the Transition and Video Effects buttons to choose from numbers of amazing effects to apply to RM. To apply them you just need to drag the transition or effect you need and drop it on RM or image in the editing panel.

You can also overlay videos to RM file if you want. Just choose one video and drop to the Video overlay editing panel, adjust the timeline.

If you want to add watermark, click on the RM video first, then click through Edit > Add watermarks.

To add a subtitle for the RM editing, simply double click the Subtitle editing area to add.

Add transitions and effects to edit RM

Step 3. Convert edited RM to video or DVD

After editing RM with all factors, we go to the final step - publish RM. Aura Video Editor provides two output ways: convert RM to video or burn to DVD disc.

If you want to watch the edited RM video on your portable media device like iPod, iPhone, etc., choose Video File output way. There will be dozens of preset output profiles for converting RM to almost every kind of media devices like iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, iPad, Zune, Xbox 360, mobile phones and more.

If you need to burn the edited RM to standard DVD or Blu-ray disc, choose DVD Disc as the output way. Aura Video Editor even provides you with some wonderful DVD menu templates so you can display your RM DVD file more beautifully. You can also select one image of your own from the computer as the DVD background menu. Of course you can disable the menu function if you don't want any.

Convert RM to video or DVD

Still got questions about how to edit RM? See more tips below:

  • Why some of the editing buttons are greyed-out?

After adding RM to the editing panel, you may see some of the editing buttons like Trim, Advanced, Duration are greyed-out. You just need to select one editing object, then the respective button will be selectable. For example, if you want to trim RM, click on the RM video, then the Trim button will light up; the Advanced button is for overlaying the RM.

  • What if the output video profiles don't have the profile that I want?

If the media device that you need is not listed in the output video profiles of the RM editing software, don't worry, you can easily custom it by yourself. We provide many options here, like video codec, video frame size, framerate, bitrate, audio codec, audio track, subtitle, etc. In the dropdown profile list there are Customized File Formats options, you can choose one format that matches your media device, then change the parameters, the output video file will play on your media device just fine.

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Download Aura Video Editor to edit RM

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Download the RM software

Download Free Trial of Aura Video Editor

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