Netbook DVD video converter

Netbook Video Converter - DVD Ripper for Netbook

Use Netbook video converter to rip DVD movies and convert video formats

Ripping DVD and converting videos for Netbook

Netbook supports video playback. With Aura DVD Ripper, users can convert DVD and a wide range of videos for watching on their Netbook and many more. It's easy and fun.

Besides Netbook videos, Aura DVD Ripper can also convert videos to AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, MPEG and dozens of other video formats.

Find out all features and supported formats of Aura DVD Ripper, the versatile Netbook DVD video converter.

The Netbook video converter enables users to download online videos from Youtube, MetaCafe, NicoVideo and others. It can then convert the downloaded videos to supported videos for Netbook and any other media players and platforms.

Download Netbook DVD Ripper & Video Converter

Aura DVD Ripper, the versatile Netbook video converter, is the wonderful DVD software that allows you try before you buy. You can click the following link to download the Netbook video converter program and try it out.

Download Netbook video converter

The Netbook Video Converter is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Please note that it’s not compatible with Mac OS X.

If you feel like the Netbook video converter program after trial, you can buy a copy of Aura4You license to use the full version.

Software screenshots of the Netbook video converter

Click the thumbnails to view larger images of Netbook video converter screenshots.

Main window of Netbook DVD Ripper software Converting DVD to AVI, MP4, WMV, iPod videos and more. Download Youtube and other online videos with Aura DVD Ripper for Netbook

Netbook video converter features

The Aura Netbook DVD video converter program provides three major functions: ripping DVD ripping, converting video file formats, downloading online videos. The Netbook video converter also offers many brilliant features:

  • Support 30+ input video formats
  • Support iPod, iPhone, mobile phones and all media players
  • Extract sound tracks from DVD and videos and save in MP3 format
  • Customizable output profiles
  • Select DVD chapter, subtitle, language and even angle for conversion
  • Normalize volume for video conversion
  • Plenty of customizable parameters: video codec, video size, video bitrate, video frame rate, audio codec, etc.
  • And more…

Use Netbook video converter to rip DVD movies and convert video formats

See the complete list of features of the Netbook video converter.

Have questions about the Netbook video converter? Please feel free to contact us.


Netbooks (sometimes also called mini notebooks or ultraportables) are a branch of subnotebooks, a rapidly evolving category of small, light and inexpensive laptop computers suited for general computing and accessing web-based applications; they are often marketed as "companion devices," that is, to augment a user's other computer access.

Ripping DVD for Netbook

Ripping DVD movies to Netbook videos is one of the most important functions of Aura DVD Ripper, the versatile Netbook video converter.

After downloading and installing the Netbook video converter, run the program, insert your DVD to the drive, click the Open DVD button to load the DVD movie to Netbook DVD ripper program.

Select titles or chapters that you want to rip for your Netbook, choose a output format that is supported by Netbook, and then hit the Convert button.

After conversion, just open the output folder to look for the converted videos and transfer them to your Netbook for watching later.

Converting videos for Netbook

No matter it’s AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, or not often seen video format like DVR-MS, the Netbook video converter can handle it well and convert it to any supported format.

You can convert MPEG videos to Netbook videos, convert WMV videos to Netbook videos, and even download and convert Youtube videos for Netbook, and more.

Click the Add Video button, or just drag and drop selected videos to the Netbook video converter program, select output profile, and then hit the Convert button.

Converted videos are stored in the output folder as specified by you, or by default. Get the converted videos and transfer them to Netbook and enjoy them on the go.

Just remember that Aura DVD Ripper can do a lot of things besides converting videos for Netbook.

Learn more about Aura DVD Ripper

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