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Review: Apple Should Offer Video Converter for iPod and iPhone

It has wasted me huge effect and a great deal of precious time in searching, testing and choosing an optimum video converter for my iPod and iPhone, and probably iPad soon.

It’s unbelievable that Steve Jobs has never thought of providing video converter for Apple’s multimedia devices, despite the fact that there is huge amount of fans around the world, most of them are iPod and iPhone users, and they have to look for an appropriate application to rip DVD and convert videos for their iPods and iPhones. The to-be iPad users would run into the same situation soon.

An Apple Video Converter for all Apple products that have video support would be great convenience for iPod, iPhone and the iPad users. If Steve Jobs is willing to provide it free of charge, it would appeal more potential customers and boost the sales a lot.

Apple has to offer the Video Converter for both Mac and Windows, because not all iPod, iPhone and iPad users have Mac machines. To the contrary, most Apple fans are Windows users. It’s interesting. And it’s also the reality that Steve Jobs can’t ignore if he ever wants to make a video converter for Apple users, to be more specifically, iPod users, iPhone users and iPad users.

So, Apple Video Converter has to be compatible with both Mac and Windows. In other words, there should be two versions of Apple Video Converter, one for Mac, the other for Windows. Everybody is happy.

But Apple does not have to program the video converter from scratch. There are many video converters out there in the software market. Steve Jobs only has to pick one and buyout the software, and then license it to those who buy iPod, iPhone or iPad. The Apple Video Converter could come with a mini software CD in the product package.

So far to my search and use experience, Aura DVD Ripper is one of the most competitive candidates that Steve Jobs should consider first. The program can brilliantly rip DVD and convert nearly all kinds of video clips to H.264 videos for iPod, iPhone and iPad, and even Apple TV.

Thank you for offering such a great software that everyone who got a iPod or iPhone may need if they want to put DVD and videos to the devices.

However, Aura DVD Ripper is only compatible with Windows operating systems. Apple still has to look somewhere else to spot a video converter for Macs.

Bertrand M. Smith

California, United States

February 2, 2010

Aura DVD Ripper is a Windows desktop application for ripping DVD and converting between video formats. Ripping DVD movies to AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV or even Flash (SWF) is now an easy job that can be done instantly. Aura DVD Ripper also functions as a total video converter and YouTube video downloader.

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Main window of Aura DVD Ripper software Converting DVD to AVI, MP4, WMV, iPod videos and more. Download YuoTube and other online videos with Aura DVD Ripper

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